Your job or career is NOT who you are. It’s just one piece of what you do.

I want to share a short story about a man I met several years ago who had lost his job and what he struggled with.

I was going through drone pilot school at the time and he was an airline pilot. Actually, he was a great guy with a family and HAD a career as a commercial airline pilot.

Then he got cancer. He beat it within a year or so. However, airline regulations won’t allow a pilot back to service until they’ve been in remission for at least 2 years. (that’s what he told me). Oh and they didn’t pay him while he couldn’t work. So, he was faced with WHO AM I? His identity was questioned. He spent his entire adult life building something and then it all crumbled before him because of a disease.

In our conversation I could tell he was beating himself up and really second guessing himself. In our conversation I reminded him that he was a husband, a father, a son, and many other things. He wasn’t JUST a pilot.

He’s since moved on to become an entrepreneur and last I heard was doing well.

The point of my story is we get caught up thinking we are the amount of money we make, the title we have, the car we drive, and anything else material you can think of.

So if you’ve just lost your job or questioning who you are remember you’re not a title or a bank balance. If you have a big house(s), fancy car, and big bank balance, that’s not who you are either.

You’re NONE of that. You’re that mystery of energy that goes somewhere else when you pass on. You are Life, inspiration, and love!