I am sitting in Starbucks right now in Los Angeles thinking and working on my plan for 2020 and want to share a process I used to create the life I am living now.

Last year I took the time to create a plan of buying an RV and traveling in my RV to inspire others. Now, here I am 1864 miles away from my home town living out the start of my traveling dream.

Here’s a few highlights of my trip so far:

-Met a ton of great people and some even hosted my for a while along the way!

-Lived in the desert for basically free for 5 weeks with wonderful community of RVers and nomads,

-Parked my little home on the Pacific coast highway and had dinner by the beach.

-Watched Indian Jones on the side of a RV in the desert as shooting stars fell through the night.

-Gave a speech in the middle of the desert to inspire others and gave away more tiny rubber chickens

-Experienced some of the best sunrises and sunsets

-Got stuck in the mud and thought I’d never get out…( I did, thankfully )

-Celebrated new years in Los Angeles at a Latin night club and danced the night way till 2 am.

-Coached my clients from the middle of nowhere and ran my business from the road.

-Found God again and really thankful for this!

That’s the good stuff.. and there was plenty of bad stuff too just to be fair. Most of that was in my head based from fear though.

Here’s the document to download and get started creating your 2020.

Download here

This process is really powerful and will help you create the life you want.

I know your busy and will keep this short. If you’ve got a dream of a new job, more money, or traveling somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, now is the time to get started.

Happy creating your new year and best of luck to you in the new year!!


Brad Finkeldei

Don’t be a chicken do what you love!!!

Download here