Ever gazed at a baby and realized what a miracle they are. Ever looked at a newborn and became present to the love you feel? You don’t even know that little human, yet you feel so much.

The light and joy in their eyes. The way they move. The way they sleep. All you see is the miracle and possibility they are.

That same baby(miracle) rests within you and the people you lead. Every day it waits to be reminded of who it really is.

Sure, that baby might look a little funny now. Maybe a little less hair and maybe more in different places. Perhaps it’s a bit chubbier, and it might even whine a lot too. Heck, it might even crap its pants from time-to-time too. 🙂

What’s true is that little miracle is still in that adult baby—just waiting.

They’ve learned many beliefs and ways they are supposed to “be” in this world.

Most were NOT taught how to be themselves. They were taught how to survive. Most were taught from parents who were still children themselves.

So, when you’re out there leading, try seeing the innocent child and the light within them as you move through the day. Most of us have created a hard shell to protect ourselves to survive in this world. That shell (our ego) only knows how to defend and attack to survive.

When we speak to their light within, something shifts and reminds them of who they really are.

They’re not a body, a number, a result, or a way to get something done. They are a possibility of creation.

They have the possibility within them the same as they did on day one.

Your job is to remind them how great they ALREADY ARE.

While you’re at it, look in the mirror and remind yourself too.