Services I Love

Welcome to the services I love to use section. This is a list of tools and websites I use and strongly recommend. I’ve used everything on this page and personally recommend it.

Before learning more about these here’s an important disclosure:   Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I earn a commission.  It comes at no cost to you. I recommend them because I LOVE them and they help make my life easier, not because of the small commission I make off of them. 

Web Hosting

Looking for a great hosting company? I absolutely love SiteGround!

Their customer service is incredible and their interface is easy to understand and use.  I totally recommend and stand behind them.  Click here to get started building your own site.

Divi WordPress Theme

Looking to build your own site? I build this site with the DIVI builder by elegant themes and love it!! I totally recommend it.  It’s not as easy as squarespace but if you want all the flexibility and drag and drop builder DIVI is awesome.  Click here to get started.

Does your writing need help like me? I’ve been using grammarly for a while now and can’t think of not using it.  In fact, I am wondering how correct my grammar is right now :).  If you’re always wondering where commas go and semi colons, STOP.  Just try the service out and you’ll love it.  It makes your writing look awesome! Click here to give it a try.

Do you want an easy way to sign documents? I’ve been using hellosign for about two years and it’s the best e-signature platform I’ve used.  Easy to understand and share with others.  Click here to start signing the easy way.

Hate passwords?  There’s way too many now a days and I started using LastPass when I needed a better way to manage my passwords.  It’s super easy to setup and install.  Easy to manage and you can even share passwords securely with friends.  I love the service because it makes my life easier.  Click here to check it out.

Like saving money? Install Honey then.  It’s a free plugin for your browser that when you check out it automatically looks for coupon codes to save you money.  I’ve been using it for several month’s now and it’s incredible and easy to use.  Go get you some Honey 🙂  Click here to check it out.

Want a better CRM to track your customer leads?  Don’t want a separate system because you love Gmail? Then get streak.  I love it because I don’t have to go to another piece of software to manage my contacts and conversations with potential clients.  Everything is inside of streak.  It’s awesome.  Click here to check it out..

Want to follow up with an email or send it later?  Then check out boomerang for gmail.  Just click remind me later and the email you’re in will pop up in your inbox when you tell it to.  GENIUS!!!! Click here to download and install today. is the best video conferencing service I’ve used to date.  It’s easy to use for everyone involved. You can record, screenshare, do multiple breakout rooms all inside one video conference.  It’s incredible. Click here to check it out.