I am writing this morning from starbStarbucksrealizing how this one piece of advice I got has helped dramatically alter my relationships and want to share it with you.  It was scary at first but as I’ve done this, it has became easier makes a big difference in relationships.

I’ve seen people who have been in relationships for decades try this out and it dramatically alters their relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic, family, or a friendship. Here it is:

Can you really know everything about someone?

Consider you don’t know the most important people in your life as well as you think you do. Or anyone you know. Consider there’s always something new to discover about them.

When I come from that perspective, I judge less and allow people to be who they really are. That opens a new space to be in any relationship.

Try this. Start a conversation with someone and see if there’s something new you can learn about them.

My challenge for you is to ask the most important person in your life today, “What’s it like to be you?” Then be quiet and listen. Don’t listen to respond. Listen to be curious. Listen from a space of curiosity and love.  To keep the conversation going ask the following question. Wow, Tell me more about that? It’s a great way to keep the conversation moving.

See what happens and ask them to tell you more about that thing you’re curious about.

See what happens and when you’re done leave a comment on what happened.