The UnTold Stories:

The Ones We Love

An Evening of Powerful Story Telling

Wednesday, September 27, 6pm – 9pm
WeWork Kinzie
20 W Kinzie Street, 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

Brad Finkeldei Presents:

Inspire Me Events.  

Special Evenings of Courageous Story Telling


Brad went from buying his confidence with a big paycheck, a coward aka “chicken” to now inspiring others to face their own fears. He shares his powerful and authentic entrepreneurial story from stage of how a confrontational moment changed into a moment of compassion that inspired him to empower 10,000+ souls.

The Story Tellers

Katarzyna (Ka-tash-a-nah) Kaminska

Katarzyna went from divorced and a single mom to starting her own thriving real estate business. She shares her vulnerable story of what it took to go from having her first dream life fall apart to starting fresh and becoming the woman she always wanted to be.  She’s discovered her life’s passion to spread love and teach other’s how loving yourself unconditionally can transform your life and the lives of the people you touch. The Love Voice of the World..

Valerie Friedlander

Valerie is a Mom, Certified Professional Coach, Core Energy practitioner, and Founder of The Unlimited Mom. She specializes in helping Moms who value family AND personal achievement to create a fulfilling and joyful life journey.

Passionate about connecting Moms to their unique and unlimited self, Valerie’s work helps Moms develop the clarity and confidence to take action, optimize their energy to increase productivity, and enhance their self-perception to transform obstacles into opportunities.

She believes Moms deserve to live a vibrant life and that by doing so, they set the foundation for the healthy, amazing, authentic life that they want for their child. Her mission is to help you do just that.


Kristin Crockett

  Kristin, mom of triplets, after a successful 22 year career in corporate sales felt stuck. So stuck she carried around 75 extra pounds and felt unhappy despite making great money and having her dreams of motherhood fulfilled (after a 7 year battle with infertility).

One day, she had enough and hired her coach and mentor, Ed Bohlke, creator of Deserve Level Coaching, to coach her to raise her Deserve Level. “You get in life what you believe you deserve.” After 3 months of Deserve Level Coaching in the area of weight loss and focusing on her career she lost 30 pounds(now 75) and tripled her sales and commissions.

She then made the decision to become a Deserve Level Coach and bravely transition her career to a full time entrepreneur, co-founder of the Deserve Level Movement and Deserve Level Coach.

She is a brave and strong stand for her clients and people to raise their Deserve Levels and claim the results and joyful life they truly deserve. https://m.facebook.com/DeserveLevelCoach/

Martha Picinich, MA, CMMI

Martha Picinich has spent the last 20 years building a powerful set of skills that
cross industry and business function, allowing her to boldly empower clients to take
on developmental business and career challenges. She holds her Master’s Degree in
Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation
Instructor. She derives great joy from helping others achieve breakthrough results
while creating healthy, balanced, and sustainable growth.

Martha is currently working on multiple startup ventures including Transformed
Sex (T-Sex.org) and ConveneVR (ConveneVR.com) while also creating a family
business with her husband Michael. She is committed to creating spaces in the
world where individuals can be free to speak with authenticity and discover their
shared humanity with others.

In her free time, Martha loves spending time with her family and her fuzzy buddies,
Mia and Kai. She loves traveling and exploring, practicing yoga, paddle boarding,
hiking, reading, writing and music.

Chris Bowlay-Williams

Chris is a dating empowerment coach and has an amazing story to share about his life.  He’s been homeless twice in his life and gone from that to now successfully creating a business that makes a difference in the world.   He empowers others to never give up on their relationships and themselves and that anything is possible when you have the right people around you telling you can do it.   To contact Chris click here: cbowlay@gmail.com








The UnTold Stories:

The Ones We Love

An Evening of Powerful Story Telling

Wednesday, September 27, 6pm – 9pm
WeWork Kinzie
20 W Kinzie Street, 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654