God vs. money

Thinking of making a career transition but stuck because what you want doesn’t pay enough?

Making a career leap isn’t easy, especially if you have a family or people that depend on you. However, if your heart is calling you to do something different, there is a cost. For most, it’s fulfillment, happiness, and your time. You probably feel stuck and asking yourself, “How do I provide and do something I care about?” 

There comes the point in many of our lives where we come to the fork in the road. Our bodies start giving us signs. Dreading Mondays, can’t wait for Friday, headaches, migraines, etc… If you’re reading this, you know if this is you or not. You are probably swallowing your throat right now.  

The choice isn’t an easy one, and I don’t take this lightly. In this article, I want to share a process I use to stop the internal battle of competing subconscious beliefs.  

In this article, I use God, and if that is confronting for you, feel free to substitute it for what suits you and your beliefs.

I will share my story through the lens of the following process. I hope it helps you define yours and let go of any beliefs you might have. 

First, I had to get clear on the conflict I had. For me, it boiled down to this. I recently realized that money had become the idol in my life over God. I’ve consciously known this for a while but have been unwilling to let it go. The belief, I had to have money was gripping me. 

Do I choose God first and learn to trust him, or do I choose my way and more money? I had no clue how to trust God, especially without money.

Here’s the backstory.

When I was about six years old, I remember a moment where I made a concrete decision that I was going to get rich. I was going to get rich no matter what so I could take care of my Mom. All I knew is our family didn’t have enough money, and I wanted to fix that and take care of my Mom.

Right then and there, that little boy created a powerful subconscious belief. I HAD TO BE RICH. There was no other option. That belief drove me to become the first person to graduate from college, buy my first home at 24, and a list of accomplishments that go on and on.  

I was driven to BE RICH so that I could save my Mom. I was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN! NEVER GIVE UP! My belief was unconscious, and if you asked me what I was doing, I’d tell you, “I was trying to be successful.”

Becoming rich become my identity I had to fulfill on. I wasn’t going to BE someone unless I was.

What I didn’t see coming is how that belief would bring me to my knees when money started to run out.

I am sharing this because if your life is being run by the NEED to be successful, you might be missing out on life and miracles happening around you. 

My Mom died in 2018, and I started to lose my drive, and I didn’t know why.

Through a series of circumstances, coaching, and life unfolding, I came to understand that I had created an idol out of money and put it before God.

I realized I had a conflict.  God or money first? My subconscious definitely wanted money first. Money was my security, my idol, and what I thought made me successful.  

To resolve this, I was guided by God to use the following process. This process is usually professionally facilitated. However, because I am trained, I did the process by journaling the questions and answers. It’s a powerful tool, and if you need help, reach out to a professional coach.

The process helps people resolve these internal conflicts, and it’s called an inner voice dialogue. When you have two competing beliefs, you use this tool to have the two “voices” talk to each other and work things out. It resolves the conflict, produces peace of mind and even miracles.

Here is the process and my story along with it. My answers will be in italics.

1st. Clarify the block you have going on in your life.

Generally, two parts or beliefs(parts a & b) of you are not working together.

I want to have God first in my life, but money was my default security or first belief to feel safe. When money has been low, it’s been hard for me to trust that God will provide. My default way of thinking has been, “I’ll have to do it myself.”

2nd. Set a goal for doing this work.

My goal is to believe in God and trust God.

3rd. Clarify your Block. 

What would you call them? How would you describe them? Write down what first comes to mind. Don’t judge and write what comes to mind—the faster and more honest, the better.

What would you call them?  God and money

Part A -My description of money – 

real, attainable, not enough, helps pay for things, security, shows I care, helps me, makes me look good.

Part B – My Description of God – 

Nebulus being. I am unclear about God and don’t know that well. Unclear and don’t feel God at least that often. My analytical brain said: Creator, loving, everlasting. 

4th. Give each part a voice.

Ask which voice wants to speak first?

Part A Speaking.

Don’t judge and write what comes to mind—the faster and more honest, the better. For me, money wanted to speak first, a big “no duh!” I sensed pride speaking.

What does money want to say?

money part said:  

money doesn’t need God. I will take care of you. Fuck God. You’ve worked hard and deserve more of me. I will take care of you. You’ll get what you want. You’ll get all the things and the woman with me. You can’t trust God.  

Does money have anything else to say?  Don’t Give Up!!!

Part B Speaking.  

Don’t judge and write what comes to mind—the faster and more honest, the better.

What does God want to say?

God part said:

I love you. I got your back. Always have and always will.

Anything else to say? I created you just like me, and then you made a little god out of money. Go be you. Go be Funny. I love you, and I got your back, and don’t forget who you really are.

I love you.

STEP 5. Help the parts work together. We’re going to have the two parts see what they need from each other to work together.

For demonstration purposes, here’s what that looks like:

What does the A part need from the B part?

What does the B part need from the A part?

What does the A part want to give the B part?

What does the B part want to give the A part?

Anything else they would like to say to each other?

Here’s my dialogue:

What does money need from God?

Proof, sign, & trust, and forgiveness.


What does God need from money?

Nothing. I love you too. Thanks for what you do.

What does money want to give to God?

Control, Contol, Control. My asking of forgiveness. The idea and belief that having money makes me worthy.

What does God want to give money?

Trust, Love, openness, all the money he will ever need. All the Love his heart can handle and then some. The belief he doesn’t NEED money to be loved and valued.

You are forgiven. You were just a kid when you created that belief. It was all you knew, and you thought it would help your Mom. It doesn’t serve you anymore. You did your job. She is gone(not really), and you can move on!

Anything else they would like to say to each other?

Money part saying: Thank you and goodbye.

God: You are forgiven.

Part 6. Replay – Reread or Replay the exercise as it happened and listen to what was shared.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

For me. No.

Part 7. Integration

In this part, we are going to allow the subconscious to work for them. The subconscious works best with symbols, and it’s best if these symbols are inanimate objects rather than people or living things.

Say to yourself.

We are going to help these two parts integrate. Imagine one part is in one hand and the other part is in the other. Think of an inanimate object as each part’s symbol.

I thought of two images, the universe in one hand and paper money shaped like a person in the other. I closed my eyes and brought my hands together, and watched the universe wrap itself around the money and forgive it.

I cried and felt a sense of emerging joy, Love, and security come through.

If you’ve got two beliefs competing in your life, this process may help, and it’s best done by a professional.