A 2000 Mile Fear Experiment


A journey of stepping into my fears while on a 2000 mile road trip. Learning to live and work from the road full-time.

From Kansas City to Canada and Back in 10 days.

Thank You God! An experiment of trust and surrender.

I left on a trip to Pennsylvania to meet a friend and go to an Earth Love festival. It was an experiment in what would it be like to live and work from the road. This would help me prepare to live full-time in an  RV. I didn’t have a plan laid out, which I normally do. I wanted to be more adventurous and in the flow of things.

It was awesome and I felt supported the entire way. I just had to keep facing my fears. I had to let go of certainty and say yes to the moment and what was showing up. All I had to say was yes to invitations and ask if it was ok to stay.

Here’s the story of me stepping into tiny fears and letting life unfold magically in front of me. Just say Yes and watch how life unfolds by trusting.

Courageous Act #1 – Finding a place to sleep along the way without a plan…

I started off in Kansas City and headed to St. Louis. On the first leg of my trip, I crashed at my family friend Stan’s place. Thanks Stan and Steve for the couch and hospitality. When I left I wasn’t sure where I was going to stop for the night but I stepped into that fear, too.

 Along the way I decided to message a friend from my Landmark community. I was a little scared but I messaged Allen anyway. I said I was passing through Ohio on my way to a festival. He said to stop by and I could crash with him and his family for the night. Score! Winner Winner chicken dinner for stepping into my fear. 

While there, I got to hang out with his kids and family for the afternoon. Allen showed me around his small town and the inspiration he has been bringing to the town. He’s on a mission to redevelop areas of the town and bring LIFE back to it. He’s created teams of people helping redevelop the area. Allen is an example of what it means to be fearless and be a leader in a community that is creating change. Thank you, Allen, for your awesomeness, courage to be the change, and the hospitality.

Courageous Act #2  Meeting new people

The next morning at 5am I left for 8 hours of driving to Pennsylvania. It was a pretty drive and when I got to the festival I was one of the first to set up.

During the weekend I reconnected with my friend Richard Arsic. The weekend was put on by Nicole Sharkey and she did an awesome job! The food was wonderful and I even enjoyed the outdoor shower. The shower was cold but I loved it! Refreshing!

I even had a little fun with creating some fun videos with Charlie.

The festival was filled with great local music and the weekend-long speaker was Pat McCabe. Pat’s a Native American woman and international speaker on a mission to bring love and peace to the world. One of her talks was healing to men and women through understanding each other better.

My favorite talk was around the campfire Saturday evening. She shared her experience with men and then forgave them for ways in which she was harmed. She then forgave herself for ways in which she affected men. It was a powerful, moving experience to witness. What happened next was really amazing.

Under the darkness of the stars, people stood up and admitted wrong-doing towards men and women. It started with my friend Richard. He was bold and decided to speak up and admit his wrong-doing towards others. His vulnerability gave permission for others to do the same.

It was amazing. Forgiveness and healing started to happen all around the campfire.

Courageous Act #3  Asking for help…

The next morning I didn’t know where I was going to sleep that night. The original plans were to stay at the festival Sunday night. But the plans changed when everyone decided to leave earlier than I expected.

So, I stepped into my courage and asked my cousin’s wife, Crystal, if I could come a day early. She was awesome about it and said yes.

She put me up for two nights and made me feel right at home.There was one catch though… I had to play Quiddler before dinner each night. Quiddler is a word card game. It’s kind of like scrabble but with cards. It had fun with them, and I am super glad I stepped into my fear and made the call. 

Charlie wanted me to share his favorite part of the trip.. His cousins, the ducks!

Courageous Act #4 Going to Canada and coaching from the road…

Scary Canadians, EH?

Tom Merrifield and his wife Katie invited me to stay with on Lake Huron in Canada. So, I left Pennsylvania  and headed north to Canada.

I had two career coaching clients to work with that day and wasn’t 100% sure how I would work from the road. Would I have signal? Would I be charged a lot extra for being in Canada on my cell phone? EEEK… I didn’t let fear stop me and I figured it all out. I decided to stop about 30 minutes before each coaching session to check everything. That’s all that was needed.

Both sessions worked out great and I helped both clients make great strides in their careers. I even coached one from the parking lot of Niagara Falls.

I was amazed at how beautiful and powerful the falls are. In that moment I realized I was doing what I really wanted. I was able to work on my business while I was traveling and seeing the things I’ve always wanted to see.  Pretty cool moment. Glad I wasn’t a chicken. Sorry, Charlie. You’re pretty dang brave, too!

Courageous Act #5  Just being able to be myself

I was scared to shoot a funny video with Charlie the chicken — scared of what others would think of me in public with a giant rubber chicken, scared of what others would say if I posted it on the internet.

I had this idea of him jumping off the falls and that’d it would be funny to watch. Well, I made it anyway and it made me laugh and decided to post it anyway. I learned if it makes me laugh it’s good enough.

A few days later I got a message from my friend Katie Chatfield telling me how much she loved the video and she was enjoying following my journey with Charlie. That made me feel awesome and validated what I was doing.

I’ve learned to keep doing what makes me happy and to help others along the way.

I wanted to stay and explore Niagara some more but also wanted to get to Lake Huron, too. I took one last look at how beautiful it was and headed further north into Canada.

Maybe I am not a chicken, EH?

Lake Huron, Canada… Georgian bay.. Wasaga Beach area.

It took about 3 hours and I was greeted with welcoming faces, dinner, and a beer. Tom and Katie put me up in their Grand Design RV. The whole time I felt welcome and even got to help them with a renovation project on their cousin’s house.

One of the mornings there, though, I ventured off to a local coffee shop and got some work done. I coached a client from the parking lot and got him ready for an interview coming up.

The last evening we went to the beach and I did a few handstands while the sun set in the background.

I wanted to send a shout out to Tom’s business. It’s called Faithful Parking and is like AirBnB meets RV park meets empty church parking lots.   It’s a pretty cool idea. Check it out here.  Ok, back to taking on my fears.

Courageous Act #6 Taking a picture

I left early Friday morning at 5am and headed to Detroit (Motor City, baby!) to see a friend of mine. I met up with Tiffany and it was great to see how well she’s done. Last time I saw her she was a law student and now she’s a big city lawyer. She loves what she does and gets to make a difference. Kudo’s Tiffany and thank you for lunch!

Then it was off to Indiana! I got to stay in Valparaiso with my friend and coach, Kimberly and her husband Steve. They were awesome hosts. I almost felt uncomfortable being taken care of so well.

The next morning we went to breakfast where I intended to return the favor and buy them breakfast. Before I could do that, though, Steve picked up the tab and took care of breakfast. I was very grateful.

We headed outside to say our goodbyes and another fear came up:fear of taking a picture together with Charlie the chicken. Stupid fear! I got over it and we took the pic and loved it.

Courageous Act #7 Do you want to get together? Possible Rejection..

The next fear… Seeing if my business coach, Mike Kitko in St. Louis wanted to get together for dinner.

Then it was off to St. Louis.  Along the way back I sent a message to my Mike Kitko. I said I was coming through town and asked if they wanted to get together for dinner. He said yes and that his wife Angie would help coordinate. They ended up throwing me a small party and it was awesome! Tony Fonte and Katie Chatfield showed up from our business coaching group. You guys are awesome!

Angie didn’t realize I grew up in St. Louis and was ready to show me everything great about the town. Thanks, Angie, for being that type of person (and for the gooey butter cake!). Yum Yum!

Angie and Mike, thanks for being awesome hosts and for helping make a difference in my business. The party was awesome and everyone got a tiny chicken as a reminder to step into their fears!

Then I headed back to my brother Dave’s place to crash there for the evening. Thanks Dave and Tammy for being great, and supporting me in my journey!

2000 miles of lessons learned

One Last fear… Posting this article… Why? My writing skills aren’t the greatest…yet.  I have a fear of being judged that people will think I am stupid because of my writing. So, I asked for help and Katie Chatfield came to my rescue and said she would edit my post for me.

What a wonderful trip. I made it back to KC where I will start packing up, getting ready to hit the road full time. Time to step into my fears and do what I love. Traveling and helping others!

The big lesson I learned is to let go of trying to plan for everything and do what you love.  Don’t let fear stop you and keep following the thread of what feels great.

With every fear that showed up  I acknowledged it. As I stepped into it all of my expectations of what I thought would happen, didn’t.  Fear is an illusion we create to keep us safe.

Next fear to conquer… Traveling the country, speaking and inspiring 10,000 people to go after and do work they love and giving them a tiny reminder to keep them inspired.  A tiny rubber chicken!  Wish me luck!



Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams.  Do what you love and ask for help with the rest!